The Unlocked Summit’s mission is to provide an interactive and valuable learning experience for entrepreneurial-minded women. The Unlocked Summit will encourage growth both personally and professionally as well as equip participants with the tools and resources to be applied to their businesses and brands. The goal is to help participants unlock their goals, dreams, and futures as professional women.

During The Unlocked Summit, registrants will be encouraged and motivated to execute the plans that they have set out for their future. The goal is to address the lack of available knowledge and resources needed for women to elevate themselves personally and professionally. All registrants will have the opportunity to network, support, and grow with other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Unlocked Summit provides a positive atmosphere for women to cultivate their personal lives and professional brands. The Unlocked Summit aims to encourage women to build each other along their journey to success. Creating a sisterhood among entrepreneurial and professional women; The Unlocked Summit serves as an encouraging, supportive and transparent resource.

Created by Chatoya Antwine of A la carte Galore and Asia Horne of EmpireLifeMag.ComThe Unlocked Summit is more than just an event. It’s an experience. The Unlocked Summit was created for and by women in business seeking positivity, sincerity and growth.

about a la carte galore

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